Xbox Elite Controllers Have a Hidden Feature Nobody Knew About

The Xbox Elite controller for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X apparently has a hidden feature nobody knew about, or at least most of Reddit and the Internet at large didn't know about. The Xbox Elite controller (Amazon) offers Xbox and PC gamers a premium experience. For some extra dough, you get extra features and a better design, including a feature that isn't advertised and that you probably don't know about, but will make use of going forward about now that you know.

Taking to Reddit, one Xbox Elite controller user revealed that the Xbox logo actually boasts RGB lighting and the ability to customize what color the logo is from a variety of colors on the RGB spectrum. If you didn't know this existed, don't worry, neither did just about the entire Xbox One Reddit page, including many owners of the controller, which is why the post instantly shot to the top of the game's page with 7.3 votes up in 22 hours and 337 comments. And of course, some Silver, Helpful, and Wholesome awards were awarded to the user who shared this hidden knowledge. 

Below, you can check out the feature for yourself:

It was RGB all along from xboxone

It's unclear why so many Xbox Elite controller owners had no clue this feature existed, but what is clear is that Xbox didn't do a very good job advertising what is an inconsequential feature, but the only way to customize the actual aesthetic of the premium controller, which isn't held dearly for its aesthetic design, but its physical design and the features that it boasts.

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