Cryptic Xbox Series X Tease Has Fans Going Wild With Speculation

A new tease from a prominent Xbox Series X insider has Xbox fans going wild with speculation. So [...]

A new tease from a prominent Xbox Series X insider has Xbox fans going wild with speculation. So far, 2021 has been a slow year for Xbox gamers. Last month, The Medium, an Xbox-console exclusive, released, but it failed to light the world on fire. Later in the year, Xbox fans have Halo Infinite and more to look forward to, but right now, there's not a ton to be excited about that's not Xbox Game Pass, which added some great games this week.

That said, prominent Xbox insider, Jez Corden, did seemingly drop a tantalizing tease this week. Over on Twitter, fellow Xbox insider, Klobrille, criticized the gaming media over a perceived lack of knowledge when it comes to Xbox first-party and what Microsoft is trying to do with the brand. Responding to this, Corden replied with "we ain't seen nothin yet," followed by, "oh boy."

Now, as you can see, this reply is pretty cryptic in implication. On one hand, it seems Corden is suggesting the media takes on Xbox are about to get worse. However, given Corden's reputation as an insider, and given his tendency to drop vague teases like this every once in a while, many Xbox fans have taken this as a tip of the hat that something big is about to happen with Xbox. And of course, it's possible both of these things are true at the same time.

Interestingly, this all comes on the back of rumors that Microsoft is getting ready to buy Techland, the developer behind the Dying Light series. However, today, the Polish company shot down these acquisition rumors.

Microsoft is an unimaginably massive company with a ton of resources to throw around, and the past 12 months Xbox has been a great example of this. Not only is Microsoft dumping a ton of money into acquisitions, but aggressively expanding services.

For now, it's unclear what Corden is getting at or what will come of the possible tease. That said, this uncertainty hasn't stopped Xbox fans from going mad with speculation in the replies and elsewhere.

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