Xbox One X: GameStop Reveals Console Trade-in Promo

Right after the news that Xbox One X preorders are now open worldwide, GameStop has announced that [...]


Right after the news that Xbox One X preorders are now open worldwide, GameStop has announced that they'll be holding a trade-in promo for players who hope to put money towards the new console.

A release from GameStop recently today announced the news that trading in different consoles towards the purchase of the Xbox One X will give you some extra credit towards the console, sometimes even enough to drop the price down to just $300 if you want to trade up.

The Xbox One X is scheduled to release on Nov. 7, and starting on that date, GameStop will also begin their trade-in promo. That means that if you're hoping to preorder your own console, you'll have to do so without the extra fundage that comes from the deal, but if you're willing to hold out for the chance to save some money, you'll be able to save quite a bit by waiting till the release date.

The newest consoles that are available at the moment, the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 Pro, will give you the most bang for your buck at a $200 trade-in value for each console. The Xbox One S and the standard or slim version of the PlayStation 4 will net you $150 each, and lastly, the base version of the Xbox One will offer $100 towards the Xbox One X.

  • Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro: $200
  • Xbox One S, PS4 (Original or Slim): $150
  • Xbox One Original: $100

In addition to the announcement about the prices, Bob Puzon, the senior vice president of GameStop's merchandising, urged players to look towards GameStop for their Xbox One X purchases instead of going to a a "big box" retailer for the purchase.

"The best place to pick up Microsoft's most anticipated Xbox isn't a big box," Bob Puzon. "Our associates are serious gamers themselves, making GameStop the only place players can get unparalleled expertise on the system and its most popular titles."

The upgraded trade-in values for the above consoles will start on Nov. 7 and will run until Nov. 19, so while you have some time to think about the purchase, the promo will end after that date.

The Xbox One X releases on Nov. 7 and can be preordered here at GameStop.