Fan-Made Xbox Series S Concept Shows Off a Halo Infinite Console

Xbox’s newly revealed Xbox Series S offers a more familiar take on a next-gen console, and thanks to one designer’s concept for a Halo-themed console, we now know it’s the perfect canvas for Halo Infinite designs. Console concept designer XboxPope shared the Halo Infinite Xbox Series S creation on social media this week to show two different perspectives of the console and a controller to accompany it. Given that Halo Infinite is the main game being advertised for the next-gen Xbox systems even if it’s not releasing alongside them, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a real Hal-themed console in the future even if it doesn’t look exactly like this one.

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series S concept from XboxPope can be seen below after it was shared on Twitter and Instagram earlier in the week. One mockup shows the console standing vertically while the other shows it laying flat. The Xbox Series S which was has a black and white design so far trades out the white for an army green in the concept with bronze accents on the controller that features the UNSC logo.

If you’ve been keeping up with XboxPope’s work, you’ll now the designer has been busy lately with Xbox Series S designs following the console’s reveal. This also isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a concept for a next-gen Halo console from the designer. Back in May, the creator shared a concept for a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X that featured similar elements present in the Xbox Series S concept above.


Only one design each for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been confirmed by Microsoft at this time, but if the current generation of consoles is anything to go off of, Microsoft will have plenty of themed console releases throughout the next generation. Halo Infinite seems like a likely candidate for one of these, but it’ll likely be a while before we see those designs anyway even if the game hadn’t been delayed to an unknown date in 2021.