Xbox Series S Leaks Again Through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Promotion

More evidence supporting the existence of the Xbox Series S console has surfaced to suggest Microsoft will indeed have more than one next-gen console releasing in the future. We’ve seen this console referenced more than once already, and this latest leak comes from a promotion for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. The promotion said it would allow people access to tons of games “on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows 10.” Microsoft still has not officially announced anything about the new console that may or may not be releasing alongside the Xbox Series X.

Twitter user BraviaryBrendan tweeted about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate promotion which references the Xbox Series S alongside the next-gen console we already knew about. The user said they purchased a new controller straight from Microsoft and received a trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a common enough promotion for purchasing new hardware like that from Microsoft. A notable difference between this trial card and others that might be sent out is that its fine print mentions the Xbox Series S.

If a promotion like this has referenced the Xbox Series S, there’s no telling how many other cards like this one have been sent out that include the same language. That part of the card is one people would often overlook since you’re only there for the trial code, so it could be that others have the same Xbox Series S reference in their possession. It’s also possible there’s some photoshop magic at play, but the trial card appears to be legit.

This of course isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the Xbox Series S referenced in Microsoft’s promotional materials. An at-home look at the Xbox Series X controller leaked in late July and showed the console resting on a table with a closer look at the packaging for the device. On the side of the controller’s box where it said what devices the controller would be compatible with, it too mentioned the Xbox Series S in the same style that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate card above does.

The Xbox Series X is the only console we know about so far, though perhaps we’ll see the Xbox Series S officially revealed sooner rather than later as the holiday release timeframe approaches.