Xbox Hits Some Fans With Another Xbox Series S Price Increase

Some Xbox fans have been hit with a second price increase in six months by Microsoft. The world economy is a mess right now, which means everything is getting more expensive. Unfortunately, one of the greatest escapes from reality, gaming, has not been able to outrun price hikes. The already expensive hobby has only gotten more expensive in the last couple of years as more and more companies pass increased costs onto consumers. 

Thankfully, if you're in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, or any other part of the world that isn't India, you don't have to worry about this Xbox Series S price increase. For the second time in six months, the Xbox Series S price has been increased in India, with the previous price increase coming back in August of last year. More specifically, a price increase of Rs. 39,990 has been issued. 

Why the console's price has once again been increased in this part of the world, we don't know, but typically when consoles change prices it's to adjust to the changing market conditions, though this only ever works one way. It's very rare for a console to decrease in price in response to changing market conditions. 

As you may know, India is the home of 1.3 billion people, meaning it's home to roughly 25 percent of the world's population and to a population that is 4x bigger than the United States. In other words, this price increase impacts a lot of people.

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