Xbox Series X: Side-by-Side Photos Compare the Xbox One Controller to the New One

In case you missed it, it would appear that controllers for the Xbox Series X have begun to show up in the wild, leading folks to pick apart the language on, well, every part of it for hints at future Xbox announcements. There's the language basically acknowledging that the long-rumored Xbox Series S is real, and there is also some indication about a possible release date for the Xbox Series X -- which was only announced as releasing this November, not any given day, yesterday. But if you are looking to see just how it stacks up against the Xbox One controller, someone has also taken a couple side-by-side photos of the current console's gamepad.

The photos, which you can check out below, compare controllers of the same color from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The two look fairly similar save for the additional button and reworked directional pad. Notably, the form factor on the Xbox Series X controller appears to be much less angular in light of the direct comparison. All told, it looks like the jump to the next-gen controller will be relatively painless for folks familiar with the previous models while providing some overall quality of life improvements.

As noted above, the Xbox Series X is now set for a November 2020 release. Xbox still has yet to officially confirm the slightly less powerful version of the next-gen console, the Xbox Series S, though all signs point to its existence at this point. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Xbox right here.

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