Xbox Insider Leaks Two Upcoming Xbox Series X Exclusives

A prominent Xbox insider has leaked two upcoming Xbox Series X|S exclusives, including one from one of Xbox's most prolific teams. With all the studios Xbox now owns, there's going to come a time where it's releasing numerous exclusive games a year, outpacing both Nintendo and PlayStation. That time hasn't come yet, but before it does, two of these games have been leaked, courtesy of Xbox insider and leaker, Jez Corden. 

One of these games is from Obisidian Entertainment, best known for Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and Alpha Protocol. That said, it sounds like this new game it's working on, alongside the already-announced Avowed, won't rank among these games because it sounds like a smaller affair. According to Corden, it's an "indie-style effort" from a small team within Obisidian. That said, the game's development is being helmed by Josh Sawyer, the director of the aforementioned Fallout: New Vegas.

As for the game, it's said to be called Pentiment, and puts players into the shoes of an investigator in 16th century Europe who is trying to uncover the truth behind a grisly murder.

"You'll be able to investigate and make accusations against the characters in-game, which could lead to cascading consequences if you're wrong," said Corden of the game, via Windows Central. "It'll be a dialogue-heavy game with decisions to make and response options to choose from, which will shape your experience as you unwrap the murder conspiracy before you."

As you can probably gauge from this description, it's a narrative RPG that reportedly takes inspiration from games like Disco Elysium. That said, while it sounds interesting, it apparently won't be too ambitious, with only a team of around 12 developers aiming to release the game sometime next year.

The other newly leaked game is a game from We Happy Few developer, Compulsion Games. Codenamed "Midnight," the game is reportedly a third-person action game set in a world that is as dark as it is fantastical.

"Midnight is described as a 'coming of age' tale drawing upon inspirations from America's Deep South," writes Corden of the game. "The game features magic and large fantastical beasts with a strong 'southern gothic' vibe. The game is a wholly single-player experience, with what has been described to me as a 'strong' story."

Unlike Pentiment, there's no release window for this game, but Corden does suggest it could be at least a few years away, which in turn suggests it's still in the earlier stages of development.  And this is where the report ends. As always, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only is this all unofficial, but it's also subject to change.