Xbox Series X Games Event Length Revealed

New details on Microsoft’s big Xbox Series X showcase have been shared this week to give us a [...]

New details on Microsoft's big Xbox Series X showcase have been shared this week to give us a timeframe for how long the event will last and a better idea of what we will and won't be seeing there. IT's been confirmed by Xbox's Aaron Greenberg that the event will last for about an hour and will consist entirely of games with no focus placed on anything else. We won't know what all games will be shown there during the event which is best anyway since it means we'll have some surprises waiting for us, but we do at least know of some games that'll be featured like Halo Infinite.

Greenberg, the GM of Xbox Games Marketing, tweeted about the event by sharing an article from the Xbox Wire that advertised what the event would be about and how people could plan to watch it. It was there that he confirmed roughly how long the event would be, so expect to sit through around an hour of previews and gameplay for upcoming games.

In addition to discussing the length of the show, Greenberg also shut down any wild speculations about what may or may not be present during the showcase. He stressed that this event is about games and games only, so don't plan on seeing anything related to hardware or business news.

There have been talks recently about how Xbox isn't planning on slowing down when it comes to acquiring developers under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, so there was some speculation within the Xbox community that we'd see more studio acquisition announcements from the event. There's also still the idea out there that Microsoft has a second console besides the Xbox Series X planned for the next generation, but if that is indeed the case, we won't hear about it during the July event.

For those wanting to tune into the actual event to see what's planned, you can hop into the stream starting on July 23rd at 9 p.m. PT to catch things right as they start. A pre-show will happen right before, and just as Xbox has done with past events, you'll be able to catch up on the highlights of the event afterwards to see everything that was shown.