Xbox Will "Move Forward" with Series X Mini Fridges After Winning Twitter Poll

Xbox found itself in the finals of a Twitter competition this week where it went up against Skittles to determine which brand had the better marketing on the social media platform. When the two made it to the finals, the companies upped the stakes by making promises to their fans to help push them to the No. 1 spot. Xbox's promise from Aaron Greenberg was that the company would put Xbox Series X mini fridges into production this year if it won, and now that the poll has ended and Xbox has indeed one, Greenberg said the company will "move forward" with plans to do just that.

The results of the Twitter poll from the Twitter Marketing account were shared by Greenberg on Friday after the final results had been tallied. Xbox narrowly eked out a win over Skittles with Xbox earning 50.5% of the votes while Skittles amassed the remaining 49.5%. With the Xbox win now in the books, Greenberg said Xbox will make the Series X mini fridges happen and that the first one will be sent over to the Skittles team.

If you're wondering what those fridges might look like, they're basically miniature versions of the full-size one Xbox gave away not too long ago. They're about the size of an Xbox Series X and look just like the new Xbox console and have been used in promotions in the past such as Xbox's partnership with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's ZOA Energy drinks. was even sent one of the ZOA fridges and got a first-hand look at what the compact console creation looked like.


Now that these fridges will be put into production for others to obtain, all that remains to be known is how and when people will be able to get them. There's no telling how much they'll cost, and they probably won't be cheap, though hopefully they'll be easier to find than an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5. They'll go into production sometime this year, so we'll hopefully know more about them sooner rather than later.