Xbox Series X Already Has Some Hilarious and Inappropriate Nicknames

Last night during The Game Awards, Microsoft revealed the official name of the Xbox Scarlett, which is Xbox Series X. In addition to this, it also revealed some new details about the next-gen console, revealed what it looked like, and its controller. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't divulge any of the console's most salient details, which led to everyone focusing on how it looks. And according to the Internet, it's ugly. Beyond roasting its bulky PC tower-esq design, the Internet has also thought up a few nicknames for the console.

The one being passed around the most right now is the "Xbox Sex." This is popular for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, in Japan the console has picked up the nickname "Shiri X," which literally translates to "Butt X." Again, this is popular for obvious reasons. Of course, these aren't the only nicknames, but they are the ones that are likely going to stick going forward alongside the official abbreviation of XSX.

The Xbox Series X is set to release sometime holiday 2020. At the moment of publishing, we don't have a precise release date or a price point, however, last night Microsoft did reveal another game for it: a sequel to Hellblade.


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