Xbox Series X RPG Delayed Day Before Release

An Xbox Series X action RPG that was supposed to release on July 12, but it was delayed at the last minute. And when we say the last minute, we mean the last minute, as the game was literally delayed on July 11, one day before release. The game in question is Hellpoint, which was supposed to release on July 12 not just on Xbox Series X/S, but PS5 as well. Fortunately, for PlayStation fans, the game is currently playable on PS5 because this version did not get delayed. Meanwhile, those on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will need to wait "one to two weeks." So what's gone wrong? Well according to developer Cradle Games it ran into so technical specificities of the platform

"Greetings, Hellspawns," starts the message to fans from Cradle Games. "The Xbox Series version of Hellpoint was planned to be shipped tomorrow, on July 12. This version of the base game will be slightly delayed due to technical specificities of the platform. Currently, we expect to launch it within one to two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements. This delay will have no impact on the launch of the "Blue Sun" downloadable content. If you're an Xbox Series owner, you will be able to play the add-on tomorrow, as planned, using the backward compatibility and Microsoft Smart Delivery feature. Also, Hellpoint game saves on Xbox One will be compatible with Xbox Series."

The delay announcement continues: "It was obviously a tough call for us here at Cradle Games and for our publishing partners, tinyBuild. We apologize for the delay and hope for your understanding. As always, allow us to express our unending gratitude for your support and love. We have the best community we could have ever asked for."

Hellpoint debuted back in 2020 via Cradle Games and publisher tinyBuild Games. At release, it was available via PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In 2021 it came to Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. This week, it came to PS5, and soon it will be available via Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

"Hellpoint is a dark sci-fi RPG that takes place on a derelict space colony in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm," reads an official description of the game. "You play a Spawn of the Authority brought to this world to investigate the circumstances of this event and unravel this deep interstellar intrigue. You will explore the open world of the Irid Novo colony, orbiting in real time around an enigmatic black hole that triggers all sorts of dynamic events to keep you on your toes. Build your warrior according to your play style, and venture alone, with or against friends in online or split-screen multiplayer.