Xbox Insider Reportedly Reveals New Fable 4 Details

The next Fable game is easily one of the most-anticipated on Xbox Series X|S, but information remains fairly sparse at this time. Xbox insider Shpeshal Ed, however, has now provided some possible new details about the game. On the Xbox Era forums, Shpeshal Ed wrote that the game will not be an MMO, but it will have some form of online component, possibly in the form of co-op. If true, this might come as a big relief for Fable fans that have long been waiting for a new entry in the series that stays closer to the original games.

"It wasn’t an MMO last I heard.

It will have SOME kind of online aspect I Think, like co-op or something. But I don’t think the MMO rumours were true," Shpeshal Ed posted.

As with any rumor, readers should take this with a grain of salt. Shpeshal Ed has proven to be a reliable source in the past, but the wording in the post seems non-committal. Video game development is also a very long process, and a lot of plans can change throughout.

Last August, developer Playground Games revealed job listings for several positions related to the game, including lead scriptwriter, lead game designer, and more. That would seem to indicate that development is in the very early stages. Of course, Fable III released more than a decade ago, so fans of the series are used to waiting between series entries!


The next entry in the Fable series was officially revealed during last June's Xbox Games Showcase. Shortly after, rumors began to circulate about the game being an MMO. Those rumors might now be debunked, but it's impossible to say for certain. The game's teaser was very brief, and did not feature anything in the way of gameplay. Instead, fans were treated to a cryptic video of a fairy being devoured by a frog, while a narrator says that the player's story hasn't yet been written. It was a fun trailer, and the prospect of more Fable is exciting, but it really didn't give fans any definitive information. Hopefully fans will have more information on the game sooner, rather than later!

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