The David Bowie Aladdin Sane Barbie Doll is Available to Pre-Order


Yes, Mattel made a David Bowie Barbie doll, which seems like something that Bowie fans will either love, hate, or love to hate. Regardless, it will probably be a hot seller, so get your pre-order in right here while you can. It's priced at $49.99 with a release date set for July. That's a lot better than the eBay prices, which are going as high as $150 right now.

As you can see, Barbie is basically cosplaying as David Bowie from his 1973 glam rock album Aladdin Sane, which can be described as a darker evolution his Ziggy Stardust character. The doll is also part of the Barbie Gold Label Collection, which means that 20,000 or less will be made worldwide. Again, you might want to jump on this sooner rather than later.


In other collectibles news, BoxLunch launched a buy two, get one free Funko sale today that appears to include the majority of their Pop figure lineup.

You can browse their entire Funko Pop collection right here sorted by new arrivals, or right here sorted by bestsellers. You can also sort by BoxLunch exclusives - and there are some real gems in there. We highly suggest going after The Little Mermaid Ariel sail dress Pop, Rick and Morty Tiny Rick, Beetlejuice Lydia, Harry Potter Movie Moments Platform 9 3/4, Fantasia Movie Moments Sorcerer Mickey, and The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero in Doghouse figures right away.


Inside the standard collection of Funko Pop figures in the sale it's a free-for-all. Look for new Stranger Things Pops, new Dragon Ball Z Pops, Pokemon Pops, Toy Story 4 Pops, Marvel, DC, SpongeBob, and much, much more. If you want to maximize the savings, keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $75 or more.

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