Dungeons & Dragons' Second Wave of Adorable Monster Figures is Live


Last year Ultra Pro launched the first two vinyl toys in their Dungeons & Dragons "Figurines of Adorable Power" lineup - Owlbear and Red Dragon. Now they're digging deeper into the D&D Monster Manual with precious versions of a Flumph, a Giff, a Gazer, and a Mimic in the form of a treasure chest.

The figures are named after the Figurines of Wondrous Power in Dungeons & Dragons, which are pocket-sized statuettes that can be magically transformed into full-sized living creatures for a limited amount of time using a command word. Some of these figurines give players additional magical abilities, but they are most often used for transportation or as an ally in battle.

Originally slated for an April release, the latest Figurines of Adorable Power went live a bit early on Amazon and can be ordered via the links below at $12.99 each. Beyond that, you'll find information on all of Funko's Dungeons & Dragons Pop figure releases.

funko gelatinous cube

The release of the Figurines of Adorable Power follows Funko's Emerald City Comic Con 2020 Gelatinous Cube Pop figure, which is a GameStop exclusive that can still be ordered right here for $15. GameStop also has an exclusive Drizzt Do'Urden with Guenhwyvar Funko Pop 2 Pack that you can pre-order here for $22.99.


The Gelatinous Cube Pop is the fourth release in Funko's D&D lineup behind Asmodeus aka The Lord of the Nine Hells, the good ranger Minsc and his "miniature giant space hamster" companion Boo, and a Mind Flayer. These Pop figures are available to order via the Amazon links below.

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