Funko's First Blade Runner Pop Figures Are Here


Funko released Pop figures for Blade Runner 2049 way back in 2017, despite not having any Pops based on Ridley Scott's original 1982 Blade Runner sci-fi masterpiece. It's been a long wait, but Blade Runner Pop figures have finally arrived.

The first wave of Blade Runner Pop figures includes Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), Rachael (Sean Young), Pris (Daryl Hannah), and Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer). If you're lucky, you'll get the Chase version of a shirtless Roy Batty holding the dove from the scene at the end of the film (the standard version features Batty in his black coat). Pre-orders for these figures are live via the links below.

Interestingly, Funko also launched Pop figures today based on the 1983 sci-fi miniseries V. If you're of a certain age, you might remember that series creeping you all the way out. Pre-orders for the Diana, Mike Donovan, and Exposed Alien Pop figures are available here at Entertainment Earth.


Speaking of Funko Pops based on sci-fi masterpieces, the classic Dune novel by Frank Herbert is getting a new film from director Denis Villeneuve, and so the Funko Pops must flow. A breakdown of Funko's Pop figures for the upcoming Dune film can be found below along with links where they can be pre-ordered.

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