Hawkeye Joins Funko's Avengers Assemble Pop Figure Display Set


If you've been collecting Funko's Marvel Avengers Assemble Pop figure series, there's a double dose of good news today. The second figure in the collection (Hulk) is now shipping, and the third figure (Hawkeye) has launched!

If you're unfamiliar, the Avengers Assemble series is a new type of Pop product from Funko that involves the release of six figures over the course of a year. These deluxe Pop figures can lock together to form a large display piece - in this case, it's the iconic moment from the first Avengers film where the team circles up and assembles for the first time (pictured below). The series is an Amazon exclusive, and the first three existing Pop figures can be ordered via the links below for $19.99 each.


Note that the Hawkeye Pop will ship on June 15th - look for the fourth figure in the collection to arrive on or around that date.


Funko has also followed up on the Marvel Avengers Assemble series with a similar combinable wave that's designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and the ice planet of Hoth.

The 6-inch Wampa Pop figure kicks off the Star Wars: Battle at Echo Base Series, and it can be pre-ordered here on Amazon now with a ship date slated for May 16th. Like the Avengers Assemble set before it, the Echo Base series will eventually include six figures, and the teaser image above should give you a pretty good idea about what to expect. Looks like a Pop figure based on the dead tauntaun scene with Han Solo is up next! Odds are that figure will go up for pre-order around the time that the Wampa figure is set to ship.

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