McFarlane Toys' Red Son Superman Figure Hits Amazon


McFarlane Toys has expanded pre-orders for their DC Multiverse Superman: Red Son figure, which is based on the 2003 Elseworlds comic book miniseries of the same name from Mark Millar. First available as a GameStop pre-order for $24.99, you can now pre-order the Superman Red Son figure here on Amazon for only $19.99.

The Superman: Red Son series, and subsequent DC Universe animated film, takes place in an alternate reality where the spaceship bearing the last survivor of Krypton crash lands – not in rural Kansas, but in Stalinist Russia. The story asks the question - "what would happen if Superman was raised in the Soviet Union and became a Communist hero?"


Amazon will ship the Red Son Figure on March 15th, 2021. Note that hot McFarlane Toys figures tend to sell out quickly on Amazon, so reserve one while you can. Features of the figure include the following:

  • Incredibly detailed 7" scale figures based off the DC Multiverse
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
  • Superman comes with alternate hands and flight stand
  • Included collectible art card with Superman: Red Son artwork on the front, and character biography on the back

If you're unfamiliar with the Superman: Red son storyline, you can catch up with the collection that was released in 2014. It's available here on Amazon in digital and paperback versions for $9.99 to $13.34. As noted, a DC Universe animated film based on the comics was released in 2020. You can check it out on 4K Blu-ray + Digital here on Amazon for $16.24.

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