Nintendo and LEGO Unveil New Super Mario Interactive Sets

As part of the 'MAR10 Day' celebrations earlier this week, Nintendo and LEGO announced that they [...]

As part of the "MAR10 Day" celebrations earlier this week, Nintendo and LEGO announced that they would collaborate on line of Super Mario-themed products. This is something that Nintendo an LEGO fans have been clamoring for, but if you were hoping for traditional LEGO sets or a video game based on the franchise, you might be a bit disappointed.

Based on the original teaser, it seemed as though they were cooking up something new, and it turns out that was the case. This is an entirely new product line that allows you to build your own Super Mario game levels with LEGO bricks. These levels can be navigated by an interactive Mario figure that collects coins in the real-life game. You can see the product in action in the video above.


"I have always liked LEGO products and how they help children use their imagination to play", said Takashi Tezuka, Executive Officer and Game Producer of Nintendo Co., Ltd. "The new product we created together with the LEGO Group seeks to combine two different styles of play – one where you freely build the world of Mario and the other where you play with Mario in the very world that you have created."

LEGO notes that the interactive Super Mario set will arrive sometime "later this year". You can keep tabs on this LEGO page for additional information as it becomes available. If you were hoping for traditional Nintendo LEGO sets and/or video games, this gets a foot in the door at least. There are a ton of possibilities for the future.

Note that the MAR10 Day 2020 festivities continue through March 14th. Before the window closes, you can still find deals on Nintendo games, toys, and accessories right here.

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