Spider-Man Marvel Legends Kingpin Action Figure Exclusive is Live


It's Hasbro's Marvel Monday for May 2020, which just happens to fall on the same date as Star Wars Day 2020. Not that Disney minds of course, they win either way (and so does Hasbro for that matter). At any rate, this month's Marvel Legends release is this absolutely fantastic 6-inch Kingpin figure, and it's a Fan Channel exclusive that you'll only be able to get at select retailers.

The figure includes a cane accessory, alternate head, and a retro Toy Biz-style cardback in addition to loads of articulation and detail. It appears to be a repaint of a Kingpin Build-A-Figure that was released as part of a Marvel Legends wave last year. That version looked absolutely amazing, and, if you ask us, this standalone figure looks even better with the new paint. Plus, you won't have to buy an entire wave of figures or pay a huge markup on eBay for the completed Kingpin BAF figure. Pre-orders for the standalone figure are live here at Entertainment Earth for $29.99 with shipment slated for August.


The Kingpin figure follows April's Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch Spider-Man Mysterio fan channel exclusive, which comes complete with clear blue smoke effect accessories, tons of articulation, and a retro Toy Biz-style cardback.

As you can see from the image above, Hasbro did a great job with this Mysterio. The figure features some pretty spectacular detail (notice the gauntlets and the pattern on the cape), and the paint really pops. If you want to add the figure to your collection, pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth for $20.99 with shipping slated for October.


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