The Cocktail Guide To The Galaxy Is The Most Massively Useful Book A Bartender Can Carry

If you were to make a bucket list for visiting the best nerdy bars on the planet, The Way Station [...]

If you were to make a bucket list for visiting the best nerdy bars on the planet, The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY should be high on that list for its cocktails alone. Thanks to this book, however, you may not have to travel at all.

The Way Station staff make a great cocktail, and they offer you the convenience of hopping into their TARDIS-themed bathroom so that you can travel back in time to warn yourself about the disastrous consequences of your choices that evening. Now they've got a book that will help you make their nerdy cocktails at home.

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Indeed, The Way Station owner Andy Heidel has written a book called The Cocktail Guide To The Galaxy that features over 100 themed recipes that are "simple to make with no crazy ingredients." The book is available to pre-order now for 35% off, so you might want to consider grabbing it now to lock that price in with Amazon's pre-order price guarantee. By the looks of things, it will be more useful to a nerdy bartender than a good towel. The description reads:

For the first time ever comes a book that unites two of the best things in the world: nerd culture, and booze. Because if anything is true, it's that nerds are awesome, and many of us like to throw back an adult beverage or two while re-watching Firefly for the seventeenth time.

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy has something for all fans, from Agents of Shield to X-Men. With over a hundred delicious and easy-to-make recipes, this is going to be THE go-to book for anyone who loves nerdy pop culture (and drinking). All of the cocktails are created and field tested by the owner of The Way Station, everyone's favorite Doctor Who themed bar, so you can be assured that these drinks will quench whatever thirst you've got.

Based on the cocktail names, it seems as though Andy Heidel's the nerdy version of Bob from Bob's Burgers. Here's a taste of some of the recipes included in the book:

• The George R. R. Martini
• The Mai Tai Fighter
• Blade Rummer
• The Felicia Laundry Day
• The Flux Incapacitator
• Close Encounters of the Third Lime
• Cognac the Barbarian
• The Sonic Screwdriver
• Beer is the Mind Killer
• The Shirley Temple of Doom
• The Well Wheaton
• Klingon Bloodwine
• The Vermouth is Out There
• Doc B's Wakeup Juice
• Jameson T. Kirk
• Blue Milk

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy is available to pre-order now (currently 35% off) with shipment slated for September 26th.