TMNT Series 2 NECA Exclusive Loot Crates Are Live


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans and collectors will be happy to know that Loot Crate has launched the second series of limited edition TMNT crates. There are four crates in total, and each is focused on a specific section of the franchise - movies, video games (arcade), Mirage comics, and cartoons. Each crate will come with an exclusive NECA figure starting with a Danny Pennington figure from the 1990 film. If you order all four crates, you'll get a fifth extra rare bonus figure. In addition to the figures, each crate will also include apparel, collectibles, and other gear.

You can order the TMNT Series II Loot Crates right here for $54.99 each with shipping included. The four crate and bonus figure option will cost $219.96 with shipping. Note that the first NECA TMNT Loot Crate series sold out in a heartbeat, and the figures are reselling for big money, so you'll want to get your order in on Series 2 ASAP.

A teaser for the figures in the TMNT boxes is pictured above, and it seems as though fans can look forward to an Armaggon figure in the Arcade Crate, a Mutant Shredder in the Mirage Crate, and a Super Donnie figure in the Cartoon Crate. The fifth bonus figure appears to be based on Scrag from the cartoon series.

On a related note, NECA also revealed that a Stealth Super Shredder figure from TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze would be available at Walmart in March. A product page for the figure is currently live here at Walmart for $29.96 and it's listed as "out of stock" at the time of writing. However, it isn't clear whether or not the figure was made available to order yet, so keep tabs on that link. From the official description:


"The Shredder lives! After suffering defeat at the hands of the turtles, the leader of the Foot Clan plots his revenge. Desperate to vanquish his foes, Shredder consumes the last bit of mutagen to transform himself into the hulking Super Shredder. Inspired by the classic mail-away figure from 1991, Super Shredder stands over 8" tall and is painted in an all-new dark deco scheme. He comes with a brand-new fabric cape, interchangeable hands, a bishamon yari, and a TGRI canister. Comes in special metallic finish window box packagingTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1991 Movie) – 7” Scale Action Figure – Stealth Super Shredder"

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