Todd McFarlane Announces Spawn Kickstarter

Todd McFarlane has created a toy empire with McFarlane Toys, and in addition to Spawn the company has branched out into Gears of War, Fortnite, Sports, and now DC Comics figures. Still, Spawn holds a special place in the McFarlane Toys lineup, and that's why McFarlane announced a brand new Kickstarter campaign at this year's Toy Fair. As he explains in the video below, McFarlane Toys kind of started out as a Kickstarter, and she even showed one of the original toys they made with the Todd Toys logo on it. The Kickstarter will recreate the original line of Spawn toys, all released with classic packaging but with the modern sensibilities and techniques that have made McFarlane Toys what they are now.

"I'm going to start with him (points to original Spawn) and hopefully we'll end up getting to all six of these, but we're going to take that original Spawn and we're going to do it and put it into a retro packaging, but we're going to use a modern-day sculpt of it."

He then showed off a prototype of the new figure, and it looks gorgeous.

McFarlane described it as getting a digitally remastered version of the original figure and said there will be 5 or 6 buy-in levels. He also pointed out how he can do the original figures in the line like Vindicator much better, saying that one was rubber but you still bought it and he can make it even better this time around.

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They will be doing this under the Masterworks title on Kickstarter, and he teased even more releases to come that fans have loved over the years.

No word yet on when the Kickstarter will launch, but we'll keep you posted.


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