Unkillable LEGO Bonsai Trees and Flower Bouquets Are Back in Stock For Valentine's Day

LEGO launched many new releases for New Year's Day 2021, but some of the most exciting new sets are also the most relaxing. Indeed, LEGO is targeting stressed-out adults with a buildable Botanicals collection that includes a bonsai tree and a lovely flower bouquet. And the best part is that even the most prolific plant serial killer can keep these beauties alive. With Valentine's Day on the way, they also make for a great gift alternative to traditional flowers. That said, it's no surprise that both sets sold out quickly after launch, but you have another opportunity to pre-order them if you act quickly.

At the time of writing, the LEGO 10280 Flower Bouquet set is on backorder here at LEGO.com for $49.99 with shipping slated for January 21st - so you'll have them in time for Valentine's Day. The 10281 Bonsai Tree set is also on backorder here at LEGO.com with a January 30th ship date. Finally, you can order smaller sets for roses and tulips for $12.99 and $9.99 each. Given the backorder status for most of these sets, we expect that they will sell out again very quickly, so reserve them while you can.

Below you'll find a breakdown of the new releases in LEGO's Botanicals series. Note that that LEGO has freebie promotions going for orders that cross the $150 and $85 threshold. This includes a free ice skating ring ($150 purchase) and a free Harry Potter Monsters Book of Monsters ($75 Harry Potter LEGO purchase). All of LEGO's current offers and promotions can be found here.


10281 Bonsai Tree / 878 pieces / $49.99 - Order Here: Channel your inner Mr Miyagi with the 878-piece LEGO bonsai tree set, which you can style with classic green leaves or pink cherry blossom blooms. If you look closely, you'll notice that tiny frogs make up each blossom flower!


10280 Flower Bouquet / 756 pieces / $49.99 - Order Here: LEGO's flower bouquet building set includes 756 pieces that you can put together to create a colorful flower display that will brighten up any room. You can even position many of the petals to create unique arrangements. A vase isn't included, but you can display them in just about anything - no water necessary!


As noted, LEGO also added small roses and tulips to their Botanicals collection. You can find them via the links below.


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