New 'Fantasy Island' Details Hint at Guests and New Sidekick

Thanks to a new report, we might have a better idea of who will be taking a visit to Fantasy Island.

That Hashtag Show recently uncovered a new series of details about Blumhouse's Fantasy Island reboot film. The first is a plot synopsis of the film, which you can check out below.

"A new group of guests have arrived at fantasy island, each filled with a mix of excitement and trepidation, anxious to see their fantasies realized. However, as the ever-sage Mr. Roarke warns our eager hopefuls, “the fantasies rarely play out as you — or I — might expect. But they always play out exactly as they should."

The information includes a few character breakdowns about the film's "guests", who will be traveling to Fantasy Island in one way or another and crossing paths with Mr. Roarke.

The first is Gwen Olsen, who is described as "a beautiful woman in her mid-30s". Filled with regret, Gwen's sad eyes hide a dark secret that could cost everyone on Fantasy Island their life. The second is for Sloane Bridges, "a breath-taking young woman who has never had to prove herself" and is coasting through life. Though she’s newly married, with a seemingly perfect picture life, but appearances can be deceiving. Another casting description is for Patrick Sullivan, a "confident and strong" cop looking to play hero in a Call of Duty-esque fantasy, who secretly yearns to be reunited with his long deceased father, a wish that the island will grant with dangerous consequences.

The breakdowns also include JD and Brax, a two adopted brothers who are in quite a predicament. JD is described as a bit of a cut-up who is still living out the glory days of his 20’s well into his 30’s. His humor and charm help make him the idol of Brax. Though not as cool as his brother JD, Brax has a refreshing sweetness. He has joined his older brother JD on the Island, is thrilled when granted a fantasy of “having it all,” but is terrified to discover that might mean having to fight for it.

All of these guests will be crossing paths with Damon, a mysterious former guest who has been forced into an extended stay on the island, he is determined to reveal its secrets and expose Roarke.

Another noteworthy detail concerns the nature of Roarke's sidekick, who will be reinvented for the big screen. While the original Fantasy Island series featured Tattoo, a character that many have seen as a harmful stereotype, a woman named Tiffany will be the new second-in-command. At first glance Tiffany appears to be a servant to the island hotel, but as there is to everyone in the film, there’s more to her than at first glimpse.


Truth or Dare director Jeff Wadlow will be directing the film, as well as co-writing the film with Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs, with Blumhouse's Jason Blum producing. Wadlow will also executive produce, alongside Blumhouse's Couper Samuelson.

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