Destination Fear Delivers a Road Trip of Terror When Season 2 Premieres on the Travel Channel

When it comes to paranormal investigation series, most of them follow the format of a team of [...]

When it comes to paranormal investigation series, most of them follow the format of a team of researchers going to a supposedly haunted location, conducting an investigation, then returning to the comfort of a nearby hotel. With Destination Fear, however, the investigation is only part of the horrifying experience, as the team also spends the night inside the terrifying locales. Season Two of Destination Fear will once again deliver its unique explorations of famous locations, with the Travel Channel confirming that the new season is set to return Wednesday, April 29th at 10 p.m. ET. Get more details and check out a trailer below.

Per press release, "Brother and sister duo, Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, and best friend Tanner Wiseman, along with camera operator Alex Schroeder, confront their fears once again, as they pile into their RV and hit the road on a nail-biting cross-country journey to pursue paranormal evidence, spending the night inside America's most haunted abandoned buildings over six hour-long episodes."

"Our last road trip was extremely intense, and it took a major toll on us – mentally and physically," Dakota Laden shared. "We had to really think about how much more we could handle – even Alex, who has been critical in capturing all of the action as our cameraman. But curiosity got the best of us. Our ability to withstand fear will be tested like never before."

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"Lured by the unknown and with a greater understanding of fear, the crew explores a whole new set of abandoned locations with grim haunted histories and restless spirits lurking within. Only this time the destinations remain a surprise, not just to Chelsea and Tanner, but to Dakota as well, as they each take turns picking a haunted hot spot, challenging each other in unique ways. After exploring reports of paranormal activity, they separate to sleep alone in the dark … and that's the moment when fear really takes over."

"This experience brings a whole new meaning to the idea of 'getting ghosted,'" Chelsea Laden revealed. "No matter how frightening these places are, or how terrifying the paranormal activity we encounter, we can't turn away. We're infatuated with the unknown."

"We are taking things even further this time," Tanner Wiseman confirmed. "Better equipped by what we learned from the first trip, we're exploring even scarier places that we didn't dare visit before. We're chasing the fear now, not letting it chase us."

"In the season premiere, Dakota surprises Chelsea and Tanner by taking them back to where it all began: Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth, Minnesota, a frightening location that loomed menacingly near their childhood homes. Dakota has been itching to investigate this 118-year-old building for years, but never had the courage to set foot inside. The site of 1,500 deaths, Nopeming's history runs rampant with murder, suicide and sinister spirits. Now, the team will finally confront their childhood fears as they explore and spend the night inside one of Minnesota's most paranormally active locations. What happens to the group during their overnight is an experience they will never forget, replete with poltergeist activity and a chilling encounter with the disturbed spirit of a former maintenance man.

"Along their journey the team will make stops at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas; Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana; Hill View Manor in New Castle, Pennsylvania; Cambria County Jail in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania; and the Sheboygan County Insane Asylum in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where they will be the first paranormal team to spend the night inside a building that has never before been investigated on television."

Check out the season premiere of Destination Fear on Wednesday, April 29th at 10 p.m. ET.

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