'Gremlins' Fan Film Pays Tribute to Holiday Classic With Practical Effects

For over 30 years, Gremlins has offered audiences an unconventional Christmas movie, thanks to its blend of fantasy and horror. The franchise has been dormant since the early '90s, but a group of fans took it upon themselves to craft an all-new story featuring the creatures that embrace the practical effects used in the original feature.

The film follows Claire as she works the late night shift in her aunt's diner. When she sees Owen, a Mogwai delivery driver, torturing the cute creatures, she tries to take matters into her own hands, not knowing what they can become.

"Making a Gremlins film is an idea that's been on my mind for over a year. It's one of those films you want to see a good sequel to - but Hollywood just hasn't done it yet," writer/director Ryan Patrick shared. "We just wanted to take people back to that world, and show some cool Gremlin kills along the way."

Fans of the original film are in luck this year, as Gremlins is returning to theaters for limited engagements across the country this week.

The nationwide event won't just include a screening of the movie, but will also include an exclusive conversation with the film's director, Joe Dante, a preview of Mondo's new Gremlins Collection and also be honored with a t-shirt specifically designed for the event.

Per the event's website:

"The tale of a cute and furry Christmas gift that multiplies into many, many, many terrifying Christmas gifts, Gremlins is a sublimely perfect mix of comedy and horror. This December, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment presents a movie party celebration of the hilarious and wickedly scary 1984 film, featuring a special conversation with director Joe Dante that'll take you behind the scenes of this all-time classic.

"This cinematic event will be beamed into theaters across the country. Just in time for the holidays, it'll introduce Mondo's new Gremlins Collection with a limited edition tee designed by Rhys Cooper, available exclusively with tickets at participating theaters."


You can head to GremlinsRuleBreakers.com for more details about participating theaters.

Sadly, there has been no progress on a possible Gremlins 3, so hopefully Gremlins: Recall can hold you over.