Halloween Ends: Unmasked Michael Myers From New Sequel Revealed

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Halloween Ends may still be a controversial entry in the long-running horror franchise but new details about the 13th film in the series continue to pop up online. Franchise special makeup effects designer Christopher Nelson has been posting behind-the-scenes photos from the the set of the film with his latest offering close-up looks at what Michael Myers looked like without his mask on in the new film. As viewers know, the character has spent the four year gap between the events of Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends...sitting in a sewer, and frankly he's seen better days. 

Actor and stuntman James Jude Courtney, the Myers we see in Halloween Ends not only has some wild changes to his appearances (he looks a little dusty, musty, and green), the design of what he'd look like without his mask was one that took time. As Nelson puts it, even though there's not a major shot of Myers without his mask, they eventually had to make a choice. "What we all picture under that mask is so subjective to our own nightmare," the Oscar-winning effects artist wrote. "Within the context of our story, this is what we thought. I wanted to go much further and will maybe post designs I did at some point. At one point ya gotta pick a road and get on it."

"You know, David, and Jamie and I have talked about this, we're done. We're done," Courtney said in an interview with ScreenRant. "I think, for me, to put this character down, Jamie and I were talking on the set towards the end, knowing that this was the end for us. We kind of compared it to the Super Bowl, I'm 65 years old, she's a year or two younger, but we're not spring chickens, we're both vital, and vibrant, and athletic and youthful, but we're moving in places in our career. I feel like this was a Super Bowl win, I feel like 2018 and Kills were playoffs, and I feel like Halloween Ends was the Super Bowl, and we frickin' won dude. So best to win with a big ring on our hand and walk off into the sunset."  

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