Halloween Ends: BTS Photo Shows Off Unmasked Michael Myers

In the current trilogy of David Gordon Green-directed Halloween films, the murderer Michael Myers has been seen without his mask on a handful of times, yet how his face actually looks has been obscured in each film, though stuntperson Lydia Hand showed off a behind-the-scenes photo in which we get our best look yet at the character. While Michael's identity has obviously never been a secret and audiences have seen him unmasked in the original Halloween, this photo from filming Halloween Ends displays just what the years of aging and injuries have done to his face, as he's played by James Jude Courtney in this series of films. Check out the behind-the-scenes photo below and see Halloween Ends in theaters and on Peacock now.

"A trilogy wrap!!," Hand captioned the series of posts. "So much fun and so many wonderful people on this cast and crew I'm blessed to have met. [Andi Matichak] love you so much and so grateful for the last 4 years. You killed it!!"

As seen in the series of posts, Myers has undergone quite the suffering over the years, and while the new film might not explicitly have put those wounds on display, the various scenes in which he is and isn't wearing the mask meant Courtney had prosthetics applied to reflect those intense scars. More specifically, as shown in the ways half of his mask had been burned following the events of the finale of Halloween, half of his face has been subjected to severe burns. 

In the original Halloween, actor Nick Castle performed a majority of the scenes in which Myers appeared with a mask, while in the one scene in which his mask is knocked off, it was actor Tony Moran who's face was seen as being Michael. Stories surrounding Moran's casting in that original movie center around writer Debra Hill thinking he had an "angelic" face, which would mirror the more innocent-looking Michael that we saw as a young boy in the film's opening, serving as a juxtaposition to all the terrors he committed. 

In this Green-directed trilogy, Courtney has taken on the mantle of Michael Myers, though Castle has been brought back for cameo appearances. 

Halloween Ends is in theaters and on Peacock now.  

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