Halloween Fans Petition to Redo Halloween Ends: "This Isn't Our Michael Myers"

Halloween may be over, but some frustrated fans are demanding a do-overHalloween Ends is the third and final film in the David Gordon Green-directed reboot trilogy, following 2018's Halloween and 2021's Halloween Kills, both of which starred Jamie Lee Curtis for the final time as original "final girl" Laurie Strode. But the end of the Green trilogy — touted by studio Universal and Blumhouse as the "epic, terrifying conclusion" to "the most acclaimed, revered horror franchise in film history" — focused more on new character Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), causing some viewers to accuse Halloween Ends of a bait and switch. (The film received a franchise-low CinemaScore and earned poor reception from critics and fans alike.)

One such Halloween fan launched a Change.org petition urging the film's producers to "reshoot" Halloween Ends, redoing the finale as "a movie that shows us what Halloween is really about." 

The petition argues that Halloween Ends "was NOT a film that the fans wanted! This was an origins Story! The Corey Story! We deserve a movie worthy of Michael Myers & the Halloween Franchise!"

Spoiler alertEnds passes the torch mask to babysitter-turned-accidental child killer Corey, the town pariah of Haddonfield. As a weakened Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) slums it in the sewers, evil takes new shape as Corey dons a Scarecrow mask, ultimately becoming a Shape copycat serial killer.

"We love this franchise whole heartily and this version of a Halloween movie left us sad, mad, disappointed, and infuriated. Please give us a movie that shows us what Halloween is really about," the petition continues, calling for a Michael Myers who is "an Apex Predator.... the King of Slasher Movies Michael Myers!"

The petition adds: "This movie gave us a weak pathetic Michael who needed his mask to survive! This isn't OUR MICHAEL MYERS! Our Killer is strong, relentless, & unstoppable! Please right this wrong! We beg of you!"

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Nearly 7,000 people have signed the petition at the time of publishing. But Curtis — who played Laurie Strode a total of seven times across multiple timelines since John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween — has confirmed Ends is the end of her tenure as horror's original "final girl." 

"I think we've said it all. I just can't imagine [saying] ... 'let's go [make another sequel].' I'm sure there are people who might, but I don't think so," Curtis recently told Entertainment Tonight. "I probably also shouldn't [return]. It feels very complete to me."

Two fans who might agree with the petition are Halloween franchise stars Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton, who appeared together in Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween reboot and its 2009 sequel. Harris previously played Jamie Lloyd — the young daughter of Laurie Strode — in 1988's Halloween 4The Return of Michael Myers and 1989's Halloween 5The Revenge of Michael Myers.

"It was a really cool story if it was about a new serial killer and what it was like for someone to become a serial killer ... but then they just kind of threw Michael Myers in there, is what it seemed like to me," Taylor-Compton said on the Talk Scary to Me podcast she co-hosts with Harris. 

Taylor-Compton and Harris criticized Ends for depicting Michael as "weak," the former Laurie Strode actress adding this is "not the Michael Myers that we deserve" in the final chapter of a 45-year-old franchise.

Halloween Ends is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.