Halloween Kills Star Claims Sequel Might Be "Nastiest" in the Franchise

Over the course of the 40-year history of the Halloween franchise, various entries strayed away from depicting the terror caused by the murderous Michael Myers, but Halloween Kills star Robert Longstreet recently teased that the upcoming sequel could be the "nastiest" entry yet. As each new film in the series had to find ways to revive Michael Myers after his seeming demise, the character became less of a horrifying figure and more of a cartoon character, with later installments shying away from gore to cater to as wide of an audience as possible. Last year's Halloween, however, ignored the events of all sequels in the series to embrace the horrors of the original 1978 film, which included amping up the violence.

“I don’t think I can say anything about Halloween Kills except it might be the nastiest of all of them," Longstreet shared with Bloody Flicks. "It has some terrifying scenes in it."

Longstreet plays Lonnie Elam in the film, a character introduced in the original Halloween as a bully to the young Tommy Doyle, who Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode was babysitting on that fateful Halloween night. In addition to tormenting Tommy, another scene saw Lonnie paying a visit to the creepy former home of Michael Myers, resulting in Dr. Loomis scaring him away as to prevent him from becoming a target for Myers.

Last year's Halloween referenced Lonnie as a character who was no stranger to partying.

“The Elam family is very unorthodox. They love drugs and alcohol more than most," Longstreet noted. "[Director] David [Gordon Green] said a funny thing to me about that. He said ‘Lonnie knows his wines.’ I don’t think I’m a very appropriate father but I love my son. The stories of mushrooms with Ray continue.”

Some of the more successful elements of last year's sequel were its embrace of the lore of the original film and the ways in which it ignored other corners of the series' mythology. The upcoming Halloween Kills will see not only Curtis returning as Strode in addition to the involvement of Lonnie and Tommy Doyle, but also the returns of Sheriff Brackett, nurse Marion Chambers, and Lindsey Wallace, another child that Strode was looking over on that frightening evening.


Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 16, 2020 and Halloween Ends lands in theaters on October 15, 2021.

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