Hellboy TV Series Possible According to Producer

Despite the 2019 Hellboy reboot stumbling immediately out of the gate and becoming a box office flop and a critical disaster, Mike Mignola's creation could perhaps live on in another adaptation. Speaking in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Millennium Media president Jeffrey Greenstein (a producer on the 2019 film and whose production company made the reboot) revealed that the company is exploring their options in getting into television, having made a name for themselves primarily through feature films over the years. Among the titles that they own which they're considering for the small screen are mostly action franchises like Rambo and The Expendables, but he specifically notes that Hellboy is on their mind too.

"Our focus has always been on feature film, we do have a slate of TV that we're developing," Greenstein said. "But my plan is to focus on our IP within the TV space and build out Has Fallen TV, Rambo TV, Expendables TV. We're playing around with Hellboy TV. So there are lots of opportunities, but I really want to launch something IP-driven first before we start developing original content. But we also have Undisputed television, from the MMA action franchise, which we're working on launching soon and would like to shoot next year"

After three feature film adaptations it's not entirely a surprise that a Hellboy TV series would be in the cards. Considering the large mythology of the world and the amount of supporting characters that appear, and get their own spin-offs, it's a world ripe for a deeper adaptation than a 90 minute feature can allow. That said, it's really unclear if this will even happen or if perhaps the rights could revert back to creator Mike Mignola before it gets off the ground.

Speaking in an interview with Vulture around the time that the 2019 feature adaptation was released, Mignola revealed that he almost wished he'd never sold the rights to the character for an adaptation.

"I don't know that I've learned anything about Hellboy (from the adaptations), but I have learned about the whole creative process and what it's like to have a character that's yours and, little by little, he slips out of your grasp. Y'know? He takes on this other life, and more and more, you'll run into people who know Hellboy, or think they know Hellboy, but they actually have no idea of the original comics. So it's an interesting process of creating something and letting it go. There's always gonna be a part of you that says, I almost wish I hadn't let him go. Y'know? It's not really mine. The books are mine; that's great. But at a certain point, it's like watching your kid grow up and move away. They're doing sh-t you don't know anything about and you kinda miss when they lived in the house."

Check back here for more news on the potential Hellboy TV series, if it happens at all, as we learn about it.