Iron Man 3's Ty Simpkins To Produce And Star In Horror Film Where's Rose

Iron Man 3 and Jurassic World actor Ty Simpkins will play the lead role in an upcoming "social horror film" titled Where's Rose from director John Mathis. The film, which will be shot in Winston-Salem, NC beginning in August, will be produced by Simpkins along with Pablo Bobadilla, Justin Boswick, Tyler Holender, and Jared Sprouse. Anneliese Judge, best known for her role in Sweet Magnolias, will appear in Where's Rose in a supporting role. It will mark the first new horror project from Simpkins since he appeared in 2018's Insidous: The Last Key.

Simpkins appeared in three Insidious films in the role of Dalton Lambert. He also shocked audiences with an uncredited cameo in Avengers: Endgame, reprising his role from Iron Man 3.

"With this film, we are able to tell an exciting, terrifying, and truly unique story while also exploring important, relevant social themes in regards to masculinity and privilege," said writer/director Mathis in a statement.

Where's Rose centers on the Daniels, a white middle-class family. Eric (Ty Simpkins) is the college-bound, straight-A, football team star who everyone in town looks up to. His little sister Rose is a playful girl with a big imagination who one day goes missing. Thankfully she is found fairly quickly. However, Eric seems to be the only one to suspect his sister is not who she says she is. He investigates and begins to unravel what kind of monster Rose has become.

When Avengers: Endgame came out, filmmaker Joe Russo revealed that test audiences did not immediately recognize the tall, dark-haired Simpkins in the film, given that he was 11 years old in his only previous Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance, 2013's Iron Man 3. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo said that even though the funeral scene was a logistical nightmare -- it was impossible to get all of those big-name actors together in one shot, so they had too use sstand-ins andd then digitally remove people -- one of the biggest sticking points actually boiled down to Simpkins' identity.


"Every time we screened it, people would ask us [who that kid was]," Joe admitted. "He’s three times taller than he was. So I think he has grown up so much that, you know, it’s a deep Easter egg. But I feel like that's what's compelling about the Marvel universe."

There is no word on when Where's Rose is expected to see relese, although the fact that the crew are shooting close to home, which should minimize the impact of any unexpected variables that come up as a result of shooting during the pandemic.