Netflix's 'Bird Box' Gave Chrissy Teigen the Worst Dreams of Her Life

Netflix’s latest horror film, Bird Box, has taken the Internet by storm with memes, jokes, and [...]

Netflix's latest horror film, Bird Box, has taken the Internet by storm with memes, jokes, and various celebrity opinions.

The latest person to fall victim to the movie is Chrissy Teigen, the model and author who is known for being hilarious on social media. She decided to watch Bird Box over the holidays and things did not turn out well for her.

"I was taking a bit of a holiday break for family time but I just watched bird box and my whole heart is sore I need company is anyone there," she wrote.

She mulled over the movie some more and things did not get easier as she let it sink in.

Warning: strong language ahead!

"I lovvvvvve scary stuff and holy shit I am shaken up I love you guys," she added.

Bird Box follows Malorie (Sandra Bullock) as she embarks on a dangerous river adventure with her two children in hopes of finding a safe haven from the mysterious entity that causes people to kill themselves when they see it. The film flashes back and forth between the present and five years earlier, when the epidemic breaks out and forces Malorie to hold up in a house with a group of strangers.

Considering Teigen is a mom of two, it's not surprising to learn the movie hit her pretty hard. Unfortunately, her experience with Bird Box was more than just a little frightening. According to her, it gave her some pretty unsettling nightmares.

"absolutely had the worst dreams of my life," she wrote. "john died, became a bird, called me on a tiny cell phone as a bird, I took a carry on to the Maldives with bird-john in it, was served strawberry cat on the flight. Woke up crying covered in sweat. bird box got me fucked up."

While that sounds hilarious on paper, your husband dying and then becoming a bird would be pretty stressful. (The John she's referring to in her dream is her husband, John Legend.)

"my dream is to watch Bird Box again with @andylassner and a GoPro," she joked.

There are multiple popular videos online of Teigen going through haunted houses with Andy Lassner, executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Lassner hates being scared and a popular segment on the talk show is sending him trough haunted houses with various celebrities. Teigen is on to something, because we'd love to watch his reaction to Bird Box.

In addition to Bullock, Bird Box features John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, BD Wong, Lil Rel Howery, Danielle Macdonald, Rosa Salazar, Jacki Weaver, Machine Gun Kelly, Tom Hollander, Julian Edwards, and Vivien Lyra Blair.

Bird Box is currently streaming on Netflix.