'The Craft' Stars Reuniting for First Time Since 1996 at Upcoming Convention

Thanks in large part to its exciting cast, 1996's The Craft has earned a passionate following over the years, which has inspired multiple screenings and fans events taking place regularly. One of the film's stars, Rachel True, confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming Monster Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ will be the first time the four main stars have appeared together at an event since the film's debut.

rachel true monster mania the craft

The actress shared on Twitter, "Happy to announce I'll be joining The Craft witches at Monster Mania in March. Excited to see all the ladies together for 1st time since '96🤯 Hopefully you'll see us at other events too! Thank you all so very much for the love, support & positive vibes!!!🔥🌟😈"

While her co-stars Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, and Fairuza Balk have all appeared at various events, True has recently been calling attention to the fact that she isn't receiving the same invitations to such events. Hopefully this upcoming appearance is the first of many in which fans will be able to meet the actress.

The popularity of the film has caused multiple rumors to circulate about the film getting a reboot or a sequel, with no official plans on the horizon for the franchise. If the opportunity arose, Tunney previously detailed she'd be interested in returning to the series.

"I feel like if it came along and the script was good and I actually thought it was going to be something...I want them to find a great director. I think they've gone through a lot of writers. If it was something where I felt like they were going to do it well, and also find a way, because it's been so much time, you can't just do a sequel," Tunney shared with ComicBook.com. "I think on some level, it totally has to, in order to feel relevant, I think it should be maybe funnier or something."

With it having been released over 20 years ago, Tunney would want the film to feel fresh and not merely recreating the source material.

"I feel like in order to make it seem culturally relevant, they need to do something [new] and do it quite well. They just can't pick it up where it left off and it's all of our kids or something," Tunney pointed out. "Generations of people have watched it. It's the idea of somebody just trying to monetize that and not caring if it's good or not would be sad. I would love to do it if I thought it was going to be cool. I'm so proud of the fact that I was in a movie that has been loved by so many generations of people and watched at so many sleepovers. It's an honor."

Stay tuned for details on the future of The Craft.

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