Joe Bob Briggs Delivering New The Last Drive-In Valentine's Special to Shudder

While Halloween might typically be the holiday most horror fans look forward to, there's some excitement in store for Shudder subscribers, as Joe Bob Briggs will be hosting an all-new special just a few days ahead of Valentine's Day. The new special, Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park, will be showcasing a double feature of unannounced films that will seemingly channel the spirit of the holiday, with Briggs also noting that he will be featuring four special guests on the program, joining himself and Darcy the Mail Girl. Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park is set to debut on Shudder on February 11th, likely airing live on Shudder TV at 9 p.m. ET and then being made available On Demand in the following days.

"Attention guys! Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park on February 11th has FOUR -- count 'em, FOUR -- special guests who are experts on the dark side of love, along with two movies about deranged passion. We're tearing the heart out of Valentine's Day!" Briggs shared on Twitter recently.

Thanks to series like Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision, Briggs has decades of history when it comes to hosting horror films for home viewers, with 2018 seeing him come out of retirement to host the 24-hour The Last Drive-In event on the streaming service, which was meant to be his sendoff. However, the program was so popular, it crippled the servers of the service, proving just how rabid a following the host still has. This resulted in a number of new specials being developed, subsequently centering around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As if these specials weren't exciting enough, Briggs then returned for a weekly series, with each installment featuring a double feature of films from the service, as well as special guests. The program has been confirmed to be getting a Season 4, though it doesn't yet have a release date. The series traditionally kicks off in the spring, so it's entirely possible that there won't be an extended wait for the weekly series' return following Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park. With both his specials and the weekly series, he keeps the selected films and special guests under wraps until broadcast.

Check out Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park on Shudder TV on February 11th and stay tuned for details on Season 4 of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

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