The Munsters: Original Star Rumored to Appear in Rob Zombie Reboot

Every announcement about the upcoming The Munsters movie in regards to casting has resulted in excitement among fans, with a new rumor possibly being the most exciting for longtime fans of the franchise. A social media post from post-production facility Mirror Studios claims that Pat Priest, who starred in the original series as Marilyn, would be involved in the upcoming reboot. Director Rob Zombie has teased a number of different stars who will be appearing in the film and has yet to confirm Priest's casting himself, so we can't entirely confirm the authenticity of the report, though, if true, fans will surely love to see Priest return to the series. The Munsters doesn't yet have a release date.

"While working on Rob Zombie's upcoming release of The Munsters we had the good fortune of working with the one and only Pat Priest," the Instagram post reads.

It's important to note that the ambiguity of the original post could result in various interpretations, some of which don't necessarily mean Priest will be involved in the series.

For example, the studio notes "while working on Rob Zombie's upcoming release of The Munsters," implying that the studio is working on the film as opposed to Priest herself, meaning it's possible that Priest was involved in an entirely different project that just happened to overlap the timeline of the studio's work on The Munsters

If Priest was, in fact, dropping by the studio for work related to The Munsters, it's possible that she doesn't actually appear on screen, as the production took place in Hungary over the last few months, and she was merely able to drop by the studio to record some dialogue that could then be inserted into the finished film. In the 2018 Halloween, director David Gordon Green had a similar homage when he had original Halloween actor P.J. Soles voice a teacher who never appeared on screen.

In the original series, Marilyn was played first by Beverly Owen and then by Pat Priest, who would portray the character throughout the majority of the show. While she was often referred to as "Marilyn Munster," the character was technically Lily Munster's niece, who was often noted for her "plain" looks. No official casting has been revealed for who will play Marilyn in the reboot movie, or if she'll appear at all.

Stay tuned for details on The Munsters movie.

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