Alien Fan Makes Creepy Facehugger Mask

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, protective masks have become the fashion trend du jour, and those in the geek space, are taking things in stride. There have been all kinds of masks designed in the themes of some of movie, TV and comics book icons, from Darth Vader, to Dark Knight Rises Bane and more. But today the spotlight is on the Alien franchise, as one fan has done a pretty next-level job creating a mask that looks like one of Alien's facehuggers. As you can see below, you can now protect yourself from COVID-19 and freak people out that a Xenomorph is about to pop out of your chest!

"I don’t usually make things for myself, but as we all need to wear face coverings now I thought I’d make myself one. Hope you like it!" --Pirates Leatherworks

The craftsman at Pirate Leatherworks posted that advertisement for his Alien-inspired Facehugger masks and got such an overwhelming response from fans, that he's now scrambling to meet the demand. Although in 2020, that's a good problem to have...

"After talking to the pattern designers today I have decided I will add the finished face hugger masks to my Etsy shop. They will only be made to order and I will only take on so many at once so in the listing there will be five available to start with, once they are complete then I will renew the listing. In order to be fair there will be no waiting list they will be purely a get it while you can item. Finally, I’ve already had a few people complain they’re to expensive, I’m sorry some may think that but please remember material costs and two days work equals not a lot per hour, I’m sure you would expect to be paid more yourself.
Please check out the link..."

Here's where you can order your Alien Facehugger mask. Just be prepared for the wait.


As stated, with COVID-19 having changed the world forever, going forward, it seems masks are going to be a new part of our daily reality - and the ways that fans express themselves through them will only get more impressive.

The Alien movie franchise is still on hiatus at the moment.