Burger King Is Making Snack Wraps

The McDonald's rival is doing its take on the chain's iconic chicken wrap.

Burger King has joined the wrap game, announcing its take on the crispy chicken wraps Monday. As a part of Burger King's new Royal Crispy Wraps line, three new flavors are being introduced at launch: Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard. The base version includes chicken, tomatoes, and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla while the Spicy variant is tossed in buffalo sauce and Honey Mustard...well, that's pretty self explanatory. The Burger King Royal Crispy Wraps will be available for $2.99 a la carte and are being promoted as a snack or add-on to other BK meals.

With the King joining in on the craze, McDonald's is left as one of the only major fast-food chains without some kind of take on the product, an ironic twist given McDonald's Snack Wraps are one of the most beloved items in the history of quick dining.

"At Burger King, we're no strangers to innovation when it comes to chicken. We first introduced the BK® Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich last August, and our Guests have loved it so much that we've turned it into a snack-sized wrap version," BK chief marketer Pat O'Toole said in an announcement release. "The BK® Royal Crispy Wraps offer our Guests an all-new way to enjoy our BK® Royal Crispy Chicken without sacrificing quality ingredients, bold flavors, and the choice to have it your way."

Why did the Snack Wrap leave McDonald's?

McDonald's never really officially confirmed why it removed the Snack Wrap from its menus within the United States. Given the general public's affinity for the items, that likely means it was a production issue with franchisees. In a similar move, the chain also threw in the towel on All-Day Breakfast offerings because it posed logistical challenges for restaurants and their usual, everyday business.

Who else has Snack Wraps?

KFC has been increasingly candid and its promotion of its version of Snack Wraps, poking fun at the Golden Arches every time the item has returned.

"KFC fans have made it loud and clear that they miss our fried chicken wraps," the chain said during its 2022 seasonal wrap return. "There have been over 42,500 mentions on Twitter within the past two years around fans craving wraps, making it a highly anticipated menu item for snackers and KFC fans alike."