Chris Evans’ Brother Shares Precious Childhood Throwbacks, Reminds the Captain America Star He’s Almost 40

Captain America star Chris Evans turned 39 this week, and he received lots of love from fans on [...]

Captain America star Chris Evans turned 39 this week, and he received lots of love from fans on Twitter. The actor also got a sweet message from Mark Ruffalo, and a hilarious post from another Marvel co-star, Don Cheadle. However, the best birthday post for Evans definitely came from the actor's brother, Scott Evans. Scott took to Twitter yesterday to post some childhood photos of him and his brother, and also reminded Chris that 40 is just around the corner.

"Happy birthday @ChrisEvans !! You are truly unmatched in the big brother department. Thank you for continually being someone I can always count on! I love you and just want to remind you how close you are to turning 40❤️," Scott wrote. "How do you always find new pictures?! ❤️," Chris asked. You can check out the adorable throwbacks in the post below:

Recently, the Evans Brothers did an interview while quarantining together with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and played the Couples Challenge. Before playing the game, the brothers reveal that they're having a lot of fun together in the quarantine and acting like kids again. They've been super into games with their current favorite being Wiffle ball. Continuing in the game spirit, they then play the Couples Challenge. Fallon tells the men to close their eyes, then asks them a question and whoever the answer pertains to, each brother either points to themselves or the other. The first round of questions ranged from "Who spends more time on Instagram?" (Scott) to "Who has more Neil Diamond vibes?" (Chris) and the brothers came out five for five. The second round featured questions like "Who got in more trouble in school?" (Chris) to "Who's gone the longest without showering during quarantine?" (Scott) and this that they only missed one. You can watch the full video above or here.

Recently, Evans won over our hearts even further by talking about his mom. He revealed that Avengers: Endgame's Old Man Steve Rogers made his mother cry, and shared that she actually helped talk him into playing the iconic hero. While in quarantine, Chris finally joined Instagram, and while he was off to a rocky start, his delightful content has already sparked a whole lot of joy.

You can currently watch Chris Evans in multiple Marvel movies on Disney+, and Scott Evans can be seen in the fifth season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.