Orange County Reportedly Has No Plans To Revisit Disney Parks Opening In Florida

Orange County reportedly doesn’t have plans to revisit the decision to reopen Disney Parks in [...]

Orange County reportedly doesn't have plans to revisit the decision to reopen Disney Parks in Florida. The conversations about reopening have revved up again as much of the country is seeing spikes in new cases over the last two weeks. Now, word from the county describes the ball being firmly in Disney's court along with the state legislature. CNN learned of Orange County's stance from a county spokesperson. Cristina Alesci tweeted the comments, and this will seem like a bit of a blow for organizers who had become skeptical of the reopening plans after the spiking cases ramped back up. Alesci tweeted, "An Orange County official tells me the county has no plans to revisit a decision to reopen Disney's parks in Florida. 'That decision rests with @Disney officials and the governor,' says a county spokesperson."

Now, this declaration means that the County is willing to deal with the fallout if it means that the local economy can get that boost from tourism. The pressure will have to be applied to higher rungs of government or something truly drastic will have to happen for the Resorts to change course. Disney Parks executive Matt Simon tried to massage some fear in a previous statement about reopening.

"Everything we're doing during this unprecedented time is in service of our guests, our cast members and our third-party operating participants, who will also be following these new guidelines in their locations," Simon explained. " We are constantly monitoring conditions and best practices, and we continue to learn every day from health and government authorities. As a result, our operational changes and safety measures may change from time to time as circumstances evolve. We want to deliver all the Disney magic you know and love with safety, as always, our top priority."

Even with these concessions, Disney workers are making their voices heard too. Disneyland union members recently put together a letter listing their demands that the parks not open in July. 17,000 cast members signed that document arguing that reopening wasn't safe. The plans have shown no signs of changing despite the cases going up in numerous locations across the United States.

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