Disney World Reopens Classic Main Street USA Store

Disney World has reopened one of its beloved Main Street USA stores a day early. The Main Street Confectionery has reopened after a six-month refurbishment. The store now offers an expanded slate of treats and sweets, including over 38 varieties of M&Ms and Skittles, courtesy of new store sponsor Mars, Incorporated, which visitors can mix and match thanks to a large display at the back of the store. The shop also features brand new fudge varieties and four limited time sweets released for Disney World's 50th Anniversary celebration.

The official Disney Parks blog has a look at some of the store's brand new offerings.

Other new areas of the store include a Kernel Kitchen (where visitors can get popcorn blends) and a Glacier Kitchen featuring frozen drinks. Main Street Confectionery also still has its signature Confectionery Kitchen where visitors can actually watch the sweets get made (the food and chefs are safely behind guest to prevent contamination.)

One subtle change to the store is that its theme has slightly changed. The turn of the century theme remains, but the story now focuses on a group of confectionery chefs from around the country competing to win the Sweetest Spoon prize. Previously, the store was themed around Thomas and Kitty McCrumb's attempts to build new machines that helped make the various kinds of treat. This was a nod to real life dentist Thomas McCrumb, who paid a young Walt Disney $500 to make a cartoon educating children about good hygiene. Based on the photos that have popped up on various blogs, it appears that the back story to Main Street Confectionery has changed entirely. 


Disney World's 50th Anniversary formally kicks off on October 1st and all four parks at the resort are gearing up to celebrate with new rides, new shows, and new attractions. In addition to two new nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Other attractions opening during the celebration include the new KiteTails show at Animal Kingdom and the Remy's Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT. Several classic shows closed down during the COVID pandemic are also reopening. All four parks have also received an extensive makeover, with 50th anniversary banners and decorations placed throughout the parks.