Heinz Tomato Blood Returns for Halloween

It's almost Halloween which means all things spooky are back among us and on Tuesday, Heinz announced the return of another scary seasonal favorite: Tomato Blood Ketchup. The fan-favorite limited-edition packaging for Heinz Ketchup is back this year just in time for Halloween so spooky season fans can make even mealtime a scary good time.

Now, before you freakout, yes, Tomato Blood Ketchup really is just Heinz Ketchup dressed up for Halloween. The seasonal offering sees the iconic bottle get a costume of sorts, reading "Tomato Blood" with "Tomato Ketchup" printed right below it and instead of the "57 Varieties" phrase, it's cleverly replaced with "57 Blood Types". And to make things even more spooky, Heinz has even enlisted a "vegetarian vampire influencer", Toby, who is trying to convince vampires everywhere to make friends with humans by giving Tomato Blood a try.

"Being a vegetarian vampire and only eating Heinz Tomato Blood comes with a lot of misconceptions," said Toby, the 280-year-old vegetarian vampire, influencer and Tomato Blood activist. "I hope that by issuing a PSA, vampires nationwide will consider that humans can be more than just food and give friendship a chance while enjoying a tasty alternative."

You can check out Toby's PSA below.

"Whether dripped on a dinner plate or used as a creepy accessory, Heinz has been helping people make memories for years, and this Halloween is no exception," says Alyssa Cicero, Brand Manager, Communications, Heinz. "The limited-edition Heinz Tomato Blood Ketchup bottle features the iconic ketchup people know and love in a design even vampires can appreciate."


Heinz's Tomato Blood seasonal packaging was a fan favorite the past two Halloween seasons and quickly sold out so fans looking to get their hands on it this year will want to act fast. The limited-edition bottles are available on store shelves nationwide now through the month of October with a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a 20 oz. bottle.

Will you be checking out Heinz's Tomato Blood? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.