Hugh Jackman Shares Freezing Cold Video After Doing Polar Bear Plunge

Hugh Jackman is known as being one of the nicest people in Hollywood, and that is on full display when you watch the former Wolverine actor take a video after taking the polar bear plunge. Jackman put his self filming skills on display when he held a camera after his plunge, and while he did look quite cold, he seemed incredibly happy and peaceful after his frigid experience. Jackman got on the video and said "Makes so much sense now, oh that was cold, feels good happy Saturday", and you can check out the full video above.

He posted the video with the caption "My self-videoing skills ... on point as usual. #polarbear #plunge"

It's difficult to think of Jackman without thinking of Ryan Reynolds, as the two stars have been in a long time "feud" that has resulted in some hilarious videos. This went up a notch when their companies, Aviation Gin and Laughing Man Coffee, went at it, though it was for a good cause.

The feud was reborn for a good cause as those who purchased either at Sam's Club locations would throw a vote to either star, though votes could also be logged online. Not only do people have a chance to be a guest at a virtual party with Reynolds and Jackman, but Sam's Club will donate equal amounts to both the Laughing Man Foundation and the SickKids Foundation on December 20th.

You can still vote in the competition now, and if you do you'll have quotes from either star to try and sway you to their side. Hugh's says "The only thing Ryan should be making is better movies", while Ryan says "Hugh should focus on brewing up a more believable Australian accent."


The feud dies down every so often, but this is a forever thing, and it will likely produce even more great moments.

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