Jenga World Record for Balancing on a Single Brick Is Broken

Depending on who you ask, Jenga is either one of the most fun or most frustrating tabletop games on the market. The block tower game has become a bit of a staple since it first debuted in the 1980s, with fans trying to use Jenga blocks to make intriguing displays. For one man, that has apparently taken a really interesting shape, as he recently broke the record for most Jenga blocks stacked on one vertical Jenga piece. Tai Star Valianti, of Pima, Arizona, recently shared a video of him shattering the record -- which he himself had initially set in 2019.

In the video, which you can check out above, Valianti manages to stack a total of 485 blocks on top of each other. This went way beyond Valianti's previous record for the feat, which was 353 bricks. The feat took two hours total to put together, and was ultimately still standing for nine minutes, before Valianti's son knocked it down.

"As one can imagine, it takes quite a bit of time and consideration to place each piece in the perfect spot so that the tower is not at risk for collapsing," Guiness World Records' official website reads. "The most incredible part of the tower is that as Tai builds, he expands it outwards from the single Jenga block giving it a physics-defying appearance! Surprisingly, the center remains hollow where the first standing Jenga block is placed. The result makes the Jenga blocks appear like an upside-down pyramid resting on a single piece."

As Valianti explains in the video, his non-recorded personal best for building the tower was 432 bricks. He also revealed that he was forced to end the tower at 485 bricks, because that was the exact number of bricks he had around his home.

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