Kellogg's Introducing Mermaid, Unicorn & Birthday Cake Waffles

If you've been following food trends at all in the past few years then you already know treats inspired by mythical creatures like unicorns and mermaids have been -- and indeed continue to be -- a thing, bringing all manner of pastel and sprinkle-covered goodness snacking. Now, Kellogg’s is getting in on the action and bringing the magic of unicorns and mermaids as well as the joy of birthday cake to breakfast. The brand has released new Unicorn Waffles, Mermaid Waffles, and Birthday Cake Waffles to sweeten up the most important meal of the day.

According to Popsugar, while Kellogg's hasn't released any official information about the trio of new flavors, they have begun popping up on store shelves (in the freezer section) in grocery stores across the country and fans have been taking to social media to share the discovery. Walmart also has product pages for each flavor that sheds some light on the varieties and could suggest that the waffles are set to officially be rolled out soon.

First up are Unicorn Waffles which are a pink color and are described on the box as being cotton candy flavored. The Mermaid Waffles are a blue color to match their blue raspberry flavor. As for the third offering, the Birthday Cake Waffles are the most "ordinary" looking of the trio in terms of color but are described as being yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles flavored. Each flavor comes in boxes containing six waffles each.

It's not clear if the new flavors are limited time offerings or if they are planned to be permanent, but at least in the case of the Birthday Cake Waffles, this isn't the first time that Kellogg's has made waffles with the same flavor profile. The company previously offered Eggo Seasons Confetti Waffles that were also yellow cake with sprinkles flavored.


Even though official information about the waffles remains forthcoming, those who have found them in the wild as it were seem to be fans of the new flavors. While some online have been a bit unsure about the concept of unicorn and mermaid waffles, several have reported that they are surprisingly tasty -- with some even suggesting they'd pair well with another sweet treat: ice cream.

What do you think? Will you be trying Kellogg's Unicorn, Mermaid, and Birthday Cake flavored waffles? Which flavor are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments.