Kingpin Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Confirms Why Netflix Cancelled Marvel's Daredevil

When Marvel's Daredevil, and every other Marvel show on Netflix, was unceremoniously cancelled fans didn't know what was going on. Most of the shows were favorably reviewed and well liked by fans, but the one-by-one axing of each series left Marvel fans with a lot of questions. They weren't alone either, even the cast of the shows were shocked with what happened as well. Speaking with Marvel News Desk, Marvel's Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio opened up about the cast reaction to the sudden cancellation and how they came to realize why it happened (the short answer being Disney+).

"I don't think any of us were okay," D'Onofrio said to learning of the show's cancellation. "I think that we were like, 'Oh okay, we had a hit show and now it's gone.' But shortly after that, at same time the #SaveDaredevil groups started to rise, the cast, most of us I believe, but I know Charlie (Cox) and I for sure, and Deborah (Ann Woll), I think we started to learn the reasons why that happened. So we understood what Marvel was doing because Disney+ coming out....When you're in this business a long time like we have all been, it kind of made sense business-wise. What didn't make sense to us was why we wouldn't continue that show or the idea of how that worked and how well it worked. Conceptually, I think we were disappointed but I think we all understood what was going on and it sort of was inevitable. In this business you learn to accept things because you know its a business in the end and there's nothing you can really do about it."

D'Onofrio continued, noting that the main reason they were upset at first was because there was still potential.

 "One of the things about losing the opportunity to do a fourth season was, I know Charlie feels the same way and I know he'd be comfortable with me speaking for him because Charlie and I are friends, there was a lot more to explore. With his character and mine. All the characters in my opinion, and we just hoped that we'd be able to and it turns out I've been able to do Hawkeye now and Charlie is there in Spider-Man."

It's unclear when D'Onofrio will be back as the Kingpin in the MCU, but considering how Marvel's Hawkeye concluded then the potential for his return in Marvel's Echo would be where the smart money places their bets. Plans for Charlie Cox's Daredevil have also not been confirmed just yet, nor has Marvel made a note of when he and D'Onofrio might meet once again.

(H/T Murphy's Multiverse)