Kraft Giving Away Grilled Cheese Incense for National Grilled Cheese Day

Grilled cheese sandwiches are an enduring classic. Simple and satisfying, they're go-to comfort food for many people, with the melty cheese and toasted bread evoking fond memories of a simpler time. Now, to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day -- which just so happens to be today -- Kraft Singles has created the first-ever incense that smells just like grilled cheese and they're giving them away to lucky cheese lovers.

You read that right. Kraft has come up with the Kraft Singles Grilled CheeseCense and it is exactly what it sounds like. The innovation is grilled cheese scented incense sticks that come with a wooden branded incense holder. This new creation lets grilled cheese lovers fill any room of their home or other location of their choosing with the comforting smell of a grilled cheese sandwich.

kraft singles cheese cense
(Photo: Kraft)

However, getting your hands on the Kraft Singles Grilled CheeseCense isn't going to be quite as simple as heading to the store for ingredients. Instead, Kraft is giving away 1000 Grilled CheeseCense sticks and holders to lucky fans. To enter, all cheese lovers looking to snag Grilled CheeseCense can enter via Twitter starting today, Monday, April 12th through Thursday, April 15th by using the hashtags "#BreatheCheesy" and "#Sweepstakes". Kraft Singles will begin notifying the lucky winners beginning April 16th. You can find out more information at

While GrilledCheeseCense is a first from Kraft Singles, this isn't the first time that Kraft has done unique giveaways. Earlier this year, Kraft-Heinz gave away 1000 boxes of Candy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese while, last fall, Kraft Heinz Canada offered up Pumpkins Spice KD.


Will you be trying to get your hands on GrilledCheeseCense? Let us know in the comments.