Kraft Mac & Cheese Launches Campaign to Add "Mac" to the Big Mac

Mac and cheese may be the ultimate comfort food and it's one that is pretty versatile. After all, it's been a fairly solid food trend as of late to add the cheesy goodness to all kinds of foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, pizza, and even burgers. But there's one beloved burger that, for over half a century, has had "mac" in its name and yet no mac to be found. That burger, of course, is the Big Mac, and now Kraft Mac & Cheese has a question: where's the mac on the Big Mac? On Wednesday, Kraft launched their campaign to add the mac to the Big Mac.

Starting today, Kraft has launched, a website that's a call to add the iconic Kraft Mac & Cheese to the iconic Big Mac. Why? Because, as Kraft sees it, you can't call yourself the "Big Mac" without some actual mac involved. The campaign is one that mac & cheese fans can get involved with as well by visiting the site which will let them draft a personalized Tweet from their personal Twitter accounts automatically tagging McDonald's and adding "#wheresthemac", unleash the Kraft Mac & Cheese "Where's the Mac" Twitter bots to send pre-populated Tweets to McDonald's, and even fill out McDonald's corporate feedback forms asking to add Kraft Mac & Cheese to the Big Mac. For their efforts, fans will get a coupon for a free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese so they can make their own Big Mac & Cheese at home.

"For years, we've seen our fans add Kraft Mac & Cheese to their burgers from the comfort of their homes," said Christina Brown, Associate Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz. "But why can't we make it easier for comfort craving enthusiasts? We believe that the time for change is now, and we are hopeful that America's most iconic burger, the Big Mac, will start to add the most important mac of all." 

So, here's the ultimate question: what do you think of Kraft Mac & Cheese's campaign to add the mac to McDonald's Big Mac? Do you think the iconic burger needs mac & cheese? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!