Lay's Announces Golden Grounds, Chips Made From Potatoes Grown in Soil From NFL Stadiums

The first round of the NFL Playoffs are taking place this weekend, and Lay's will soon return to the Super Bowl with its first TV commercial in nearly two decades. While the snack-maker largely focuses on some of its more popular brands like Doritos or Cheetos during the Big Game, Lay's itself is taking center stage in its own ad featuring NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. To promote the brand's massive incoming marketing campaign, the chipmaker even released a product specifically for the occasion—Lay's Golden Grounds.

While the chips don't feature a new flavor, the potatoes they're made from have a pretty interesting story. Lay's and the NFL partnered to give the chipmaker soil from select stadiums around the country. Lay's then combined this soil with that at its usual potato farms and planted the potatoes as usual in the mixed soil.

That means Lay's Golden Grounds were made from potatoes grown in the dirt from the stadiums of some of your favorite professional sports franchises—pretty neat, no? Better yet, the Texas-based farm was able to keep the soil separate, so the chips featuring your favorite team's logo was grown in soil taken from that specific stadium.

You can see Lay's process in the clip below.

Lay's Golden Grounds won't be released in stores, but until January 25th, you have the chance to win a bag for yourself. The contest is pretty simple: follow Lay's official Twitter account (@LAYS) and keep an eye out for any special Golden Grounds sweepstakes tweets you see.

Once the sweepstakes tweets are made, you'll have to respond to the tweet showcasing just how big of a fan you are, and make sure to include both the #LaysGoldenGrounds and #Sweepstakes hashtags. Judging by the contest's official rules, there are 5,800 bags of Lay's Golden Grounds to giveaway.